The Finnish Floorball Federation has elected Hanne Pirkola as the Event Director of the Men´s World Floorball Championships 2020. The WFC is played in Helsinki, Finland in December 2020. Pirkola will start in her new position on 22nd of October 2018.

Pirkola, 34, has a strong sport and commercial background. She is a Bachelor of Economics (in Marketing) and she has completed her masters degree in Sport Management in the USA. At the moment, she is working as the Event Manager at the Football Association of Finland being responsible for organising international matches and tournaments. Pirkola has also worked in different sport positions before, both in Finland and abroad.

– Floorball is really fascinating sport and the Men´s WFC will be an event that interests people. Together with sponsors and other stakeholders, we want to create an event that will attract also new floorball followers. In this way, we can increase floorball´s overall coverage and popularity and at the same time accomplish long term results”, Pirkola comments.

The Event Director is in charge of Men´s 2020 WFC as a whole and the cooperation with different partners. Negotiations with sponsors and other stakeholders, marketing, and economics are covered by the Event Director.

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