The WFC 2020 qualifications in Europe have been played. Out of the six qualification groups, divided into three qualification events, nine teams have qualified to the WFC 2020 played in Helsinki, Finland.

Men’s WFC 2020 Qualifications EUR1 in Denmark: Sweden, Denmark and Poland qualified
Men’s WFC 2020 Qualifications EUR2 in Slovakia: Switzerland, Slovakia and Norway qualified
Men’s WFC 2020 Qualifications EUR3 in Latvia: Czech Republic, Latvia and Germany qualified

Finland, as the host country, received a direct spot in the final round. The WFC 2020 in Helsinki also acts as the qualifying event for The World Games which will be hosted by the USA in 2021. Therefore, the teams from Canada and the USA are also directly qualified for the final round of WFC 2020.

The last four WFC spots will be decided in the Asia-Oceania qualification will be held in Bangkok (Thailand), March 2nd – 7th 2020. Visit website here.

WFCQ 2020 game replays & photos
Game replays and interviews are available on the IFF YouTube channel*. WFCQ 2020 photos are available on IFF flickr (photo credit to: Photographer/IFF)

*(the Norwegian matches will appear on the IFF YouTube channel after one week from the original match date)

EUR 1 final standings:

  1. Sweden q
  2. Denmark q
  3. Poland q
  4. Estonia
  5. Slovenia
  6. Iceland
  7. Ukraine
  8. Great Britain

Team MVPs

Sweden: Viktor Nysted
Denmark: Mathias Glass
Poland: Michal Sienko
Estonia: Tanel Kasenurm
Slovenia: Robi Kosir
Iceland: Andreas Stefansson
Ukraine: Andrii Semeniuk
Great Britain: Connor Swales

EUR 2 final standings:

  1. Switzerland q
  2. Slovakia q
  3. Norway q
  4. Russia
  5. Hungary
  6. Belgium
  7. Italy
  8. ** Cote d’Ivoire

** The IFF jury of the WFCQ qualification EUR 2 decided to void the results of Cote d’Ivoire in the official WFC qualification tournament. Read more here.

Team MVPs

Switzerland: Tobias Studer
Slovakia: Michal Dudovic
Norway: Ole Mossin Olesen
Russia: Aleksandr Trofimov 
Hungary: Domokos Racz
Belgium: Florian Wery
Italy: Federico Di Gia 
Cote d’Ivoire: Henry E. Oga

EUR 3 final standings:

  1. Czech Republic q
  2. Latvia q
  3. Germany q
  4. Spain
  5. Netherlands
  6. Austria
  7. France
  8. Liechtenstein

Team MVPs

Czech Republic: Patrik Doza
Latvia: Peteris Trekse
Germany: Janos Broker
Spain: Anton Sjolund Jurado
Netherlands: Max Molander
Austria: Niklas Felsberger
France: Hugo Botton
Liechtenstein: Remo Tischhauser


The 13th Men’s WFC which will be hosted by Helsinki, Finland from 4th – 12th December 2020. 16 countries will be participating in the WFC and the Finnish Men’s team is the reigning world champion after defending their gold medal in Prague in 2018.

The group ballot will be organised on the 10th of March in Helsinki. The Men’s WFC 2020 preliminary rounds and quarter-finals are played in the Helsinki Ice hockey Arena. The semi-finals and medal games are played in Hartwall Arena.

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