The Equal Opportunity campaign is here again! A charity campaign organised in cooperation between the 2020 Men’s World Floorball Championships organisation and the charity organisation Hope – Yhdessä ja Yhteisesti prevents inequality and introduces children of deprived families to the joy of having a hobby.

Child poverty is increasing in Finland. The effects of the exceptional spring of 2020 are particularly strongly felt in deprived families, whose already low incomes have fallen even further. According to Statistics Finland, before the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis 112,000 children lived in deprived families. As a result of the crisis, this number doubled and has not yet returned to the former level.

A low household income decreases the opportunities available to children, which easily leads to children being excluded from the hobbies that their friends enjoy. Family poverty not only causes exclusion but also shame and a sense of deprivation for children. It leaves them vulnerable to unequal treatment and alienation.

Children and young people have the opportunity to enjoy life and dream

The Equal Opportunity charity campaign gives children and young people in deprived families the equipment or clothing they need to practise a hobby. During the campaign, which runs from 1 September to 21 September 2020, hobby equipment and clothing for children and young people will be collected. These items will be distributed to those in need by the charity Hope. The collection points are Stadium and Stark stores throughout Finland.

The campaign will take place as part of the 2020 Men’s World Floorball Championships. The shared value base for the championships is equal opportunities for physical activity for all. The Equal Opportunity campaign is now taking place for the second time in cooperation with Hope and the competition partners.

Our common goal is that every child and young person has an equal opportunity to practise a hobby. Together with the world championship 2020 partners, we want to make the championship more experiential in many ways than just the top-level games in the series themselves. I am pleased that we are able to work together to help children and young people from whom the opportunity to practise a hobby and enjoy physical activity can’t be taken for granted”, says Hanne Pirkola, the Event Director of the world championships.

Help by donating hobby equipment

By donating hobby equipment that you no longer need but that is still in good condition, you will help make it possible for the children of deprived families to enjoy a hobby.

As autumn approaches and the weather gets colder, there is a growing need for outdoor sports equipment in particular. Children also need suitable clothing for outdoor activities in windy, rainy and cold weather. Last year’s Equal Opportunity campaign was a success, and the idea of challenging others to take part stuck with us. I hope that this year also many people will challenge their friends to contribute, as well as taking part themselves”, says Eveliina Hostila, executive director of Hope ‒ Yhdessä & Yhteisesti.

Join us to do good! The campaign runs from 1 September to 21 September 2020, during which time we will collect donations of hobby equipment and clothing for children and young people. The campaign collection points are in Stadium and Stark stores throughout Finland. You can also participate with a cash donation. More information on the campaign, the collection points and how to take part can be found on the campaign website at


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