The Men’s World Floorball Championships have been postponed from 2020 to the year of 2021. The decision to postpone the tournament was made by the board of the International Floorball Federation (IFF) at its meeting on 4th of September 2020.

The Men’s World Floorball Championships was scheduled to take place December 4th-12th 2020 with 16 participating teams.

The board of the Finnish Floorball Federation made an application to the IFF to postpone the championships. The grounds of the application were the travel restrictions and quarantine orders, health risks, and competition and economic risks linked to COVID-19.

The IFF CB decided to postpone the Men’s WFC 2020 based on the application from the Finnish Floorball Federation. The Finnish Federation will investigate the suitable timing for the event in 2021. The final decision of the 2021 competition calendar will be made in the Central Board meeting on the 29th of September, when we have had the time to consider the wishes of all stakeholders, the IFF Secretary General John Liljelund informs.

Due to the risks related to COVID-19, it is not responsible to organize a large international event this year that could pose health risks to teams playing in the championships and to others participating in the tournament. We can also not be sure about teams’ possibilities to travel to Finland and back in December, explains the World Championships’ Event Director, Hanne Pirkola.


Purchased tickets will be valid at the World Championships next year

All purchased tickets will be valid at next year’s tournament. Tickets can also be refunded. All those who have already purchased tickets will be contacted during the next few days.

Next year’s championships will also be held at Helsinki. The exact time of the tournament next year, as well as any possible changes to the match schedule, will be announced in October.

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Photo: IFF/Mikko Hyvärinen

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