Every year, Lixil and GROHE Finland together publish a children’s book concerning water and responsibility. This year, the topic is extremely important and current as the book teaches the importance of good hand hygiene in the battle against harmful bacteria and viruses.

A significant message of the book is also to take good care of our invaluable natural resource, water. This year, the book written for small children tells a story about a lion named Ali and its poor attitude towards washing its paws. As a result of the poor hand hygiene, the whole lion family gets sick.

“Annually, every individual Grohe location collaborates with a local organization when distributing the books. This year, we chose the charity organisation Hope as we both are partners in the World Floorball Championships played in 2021 in Helsinki, Finland. The previous Equal Opportunity charity campaign accomplished by Hope and WFC 2020 partners really has made the need for help for families struggling these days visible. I really hope that donating the books brings joy to these families”, says Tanja Stade, Marketing Manager at GROHE Finland.

“The topic of the book is very important considering the present times. It’s a great joy to be able to deliver these books and offer reading experiences for families. The greatest inspirations and ideas are often brought to life through stories. Reading brings the worlds of children and adults closer together”, continues Eveliina Hostila, the Executive Director at charity organisation Hope.

The Event Director of WFC 2020, Hanne Pirkola, is also pleased that the collaboration between tournament partners has continued.

“It’s great that the tournament generates further projects. Through the Equal Opportunity campaign carried out for the second time this year, we have been able to help numerous children and youth. The goal of the tournament is set for so much more higher than just playing top floorball matches. Together with our partners we have already reached this goal tremendously.”

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