The national Equal Opportunity campaign starts again, and it is more relevant than ever before. Organised together with partners of the 2020 Men’s World Floorball Championships and the Hope Association, the charity campaign supports the physical activities of children and young people and prevents inequality.

Run for the third time, the campaign will collect equipment and clothing for children and young people from low-income families. The common goal is that all children and young people have equal opportunities to enjoy a hobby, despite the family’s level of income.

“The leading theme of the Men’s World Floorball Championships is enabling equal opportunities for physical activities for all. I am truly happy that, in addition to hosting a sports event, we have been able to help children and young people for whom having a hobby is not always a given. We will once again do good, spread the joy of sports, and build a culture of togetherness,” says Hanne Pirkola, Event Director at the 2020 World Floorball Championships to be held in Finland.

Poverty in families with children has increased in Finland and, according to Statistics Finland, as many as 112,000 children lived in low-income families before the coronavirus crisis. The crisis has increased this number even further.

Poverty in a family may cause exclusion, shame and lack of participation, factors that expose children to inequality and discrimination.

“No-one should be excluded from a group simply because their family cannot afford a floorball stick, football shoes, or other sports equipment. The low level of income of a family should not prevent children from having a hobby. After all, hobbies strengthen children’s self-esteem and social relationships. Outdoor activities, exercise and hobbies also stimulate the mind and increase overall well-being,” says Eveliina Hostila,  Executive Director at the Hope Association.

Donate and circulate

Participation in the Equal Opportunity campaign has been made really easy. Bring your children’s sports equipment and clothing that you no longer need but that are still in good condition to the campaign’s collection boxes. You can find them at all Stadium and Starkki stores across Finland.

During the campaign period from 20 August to 11 September 2021, the Hope Association will sort, package and coordinate donations for those in need. The campaign also accepts cash donations.

“In previous years, the campaign has been a true success story, and people have donated large heaps of equipment, dozens of boxes and vanloads across Finland. I hope that we can get people moving this year as well and, in addition to giving concrete donations, we can also spread joy and hope,” says Hostila.

Join us to do good, and support the physical activities of children and young people! Let’s take care of each other!

 More information on collection points and how to take part is available (in Finnish) on the campaign website at


For further information, please contact:

Hanne Pirkola
Event Director, 2020 World Floorball Championships
Finnish Floorball Federation
+358 50 306 7936

Minna Koivisto
Communication and Marketing Manager, 2020 World Floorball Championships
Finnish Floorball Federation
+ 358 40 725 2378

Eveliina Hostila
Executive Director
Hope Association
+358 40 931 0114
Hope Association
Hope is a charitable organisation founded in 2009 with the aim of giving all children more equal opportunities in everyday life. Hope is a politically and religiously unaffiliated organisation, and operates through 20 local branches throughout Finland. 

The 2020 Men’s World Floorball Championships organisation and Hope collaborate to support equal opportunities for all.

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