We’re proud to introduce you to the magnificent DJ of the World Floorball Championships 2020. Angelo T. Welander has been a sports-DJ for about five years and started with the trade after wanting to spruce up the idle time of his daughters’ floorball games. He revealed that he draws his inspiration from his family and is also influenced by other sports-DJs and producers.

Welander is enjoying the atmosphere in Helsinki Ice Hall and hopes everyone watching is also doing so. He’s shy whether or not he has any songs he’s fed up with, but Life is Life by Opus is pretty well played. When asked what his go-to crowd-pleaser song is, Welander says that currently it’s a mix of the hit song Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics


Even though a Swede, Welander diplomatically says that he’s rooting for the Sports Presentation team in the tournament.


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