Poland claimed 11th place via penalty shots

A good thriller to start the seventh tournament day, when Poland met Canada in a morning game for the 11th position.
After 60 minutes the score was 5-5 and neither team managed to score during the 10 minute sudden death overtime. So it was time for the penalty shots.
“I love these moments, it is awesome to wait for the opponent in the penalty shots”, commented Poland’s goalkeeper Maciej Jastrzebski after the team had won the game 6-5.
Team Canada was the best non-European team in the tournament, which was the target for Canada, as their head coach Otto Moilanen pointed out after the game.
Valtteri Viitakoski was the top scorer for Team Canada. In six games Viitakoski scored 15 and assisted six times. The best scorer for Team Poland was Wojciech Malajka (9+1).
Poland – Canada 11th place 6-5 ps. (1-2,2-3,2-0,0-0 sd.,3-1 ps.)

Germany victorious against Denmark

After tight first period Germany pulled a 2-5 lead. Denmark valiantly tried to fight until the last minute resorting to play 6 to 5 without their goalie. Nevertheless Germany was able to maintain its position throughout the game and come on top.

Goalkeeper of team Germany Mike Dietz was chosen to be his teams best player with total of 18 saves. Most effective scorer of the game was Germany’s Nils Hofferbert (3+0).  Mikkel Skov Nielsen was chosen as the best player of team Denmark.

The supporters of team Germany filled the arena shouting: “Deutschland, Deutschland!” and inpired the hoards of visiting schoolchildren to join in on the cheer!

Denmark – Germany 9th place 3-6 (2-1,0-4,1-1)

Switzerland qualified to the semifinals with an impressive performance

Switzerland put everything to the quarter final against Estonia and took the third place to semifinals winning the game 9 to 0. The best player of the Swiss team was Paolo Reidi who scored 2+2. Reidi was also rewarded as the best player of the game. Points were also scored by Swiss team’s Tobias Heller (1+1), Tim Braillard (0+2) and Michael Schiess (0+2).

Pascal Meier, the goalkeeper of team Switzerland was also on fire since he made 22 saves in the game and ensured that Estonia was left without goals.

Estonia’s best player reward was given to Gerdo Unga.

Fans from both Switzerland and Estonia ensured that the atmosphere of the arena was magnificent and the dj of WFC 2020 shouted the Swiss fans with his song choices.

Switzerland – Estonia 9–0 (3-0, 2-0, 4-0)


Norway defended sacrificially but Sweden claimed the victory

Sweden was unstoppable and took the last semifinal place by winning Norway 8–2. Sweden scored three goals in the first six minutes of the game and was able to do three more as the first period ended with Sweden 6 and Norway 0.

During second period Norway defended sacrificially and fought against Swedish defense but Norwegian fans had to wait for their team’s first goal to the third period. Norway’s first goal was scored by Ketil Kronberg. Norway scored once more with power play but in the end Sweden claimed their victory.

Sweden’s best players were Alexander Galante Carlström (1+2), Jesper Sankell (2+0) and Johan Samuelsson (2+0) who was also rewarded as the best player. Norway’s rewarded best player was Ketil Kronberg (1+0).

Sweden – Norway 8–2 (6–0, 00, 2–2)
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