What are the children and their teacher thinking about the tournament?

World Floorball Championships 2020 gather over 7000 schoolchildren to take part in cheering for the teams in their championship journey. We talked to the children and their teachers during the Poland-Canada game to find out what they think about the tournament and why Canada is the chosen team.

Kids have been excited about the chance to come and watch the WFC games. Teacher from Askisto elementary school said that coming to the arena has been a one of a kind experience for many. That’s easy to believe, as the children erupt in cheers when the cameraman pans on them.

The atmosphere of the live event and a school day differing from the ordinary rise up as the highlights among the children. The vibe in the schoolchildren’s stands is contagious and the hype will transfer by default. This visit has been anticipated in many of the schools present. Many thanks lay to the song choices of the DJ and opportunity to diverge from regular teaching among the students of Pukinmäenkaari comprehensive school.

The organization of the visits has been smooth and safety has been one of the top priorities according to the teachers. Both teachers from Keinutie elementary school and Merilahti comprehensive school think that the opportunity to familiarise oneself to a new sport on the highest level and through joy is fantastic. The consensus is that similar possibilities are welcomed with open arms.

Canada has enjoyed unparallelled popularity in the midst of visiting school classes. The teacher interviewed explained the phenomenon with Canada’s familiarity and finnish presence in the team. Most cheered for player is evidently Valtteri Viitakoski, whose name is cheered in unison. However there are also exceptions. The group from Keinutie elementary school is divided between Poland and Canada.

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