The World Floorball Championships will culminate in the Final Weekend at Hartwall Arena. To ensure a smooth and safe event, please read the instructions below.

Covid Pass

All those over the age of 16 and older will be checked for covid pass upon arrival at the hall. The check is speeded up if you have a picture of the covid pass ready on the phone screen and an identity card available quickly. Reading the QR codes of the covid pass  is faster on the phone screen, but if necessary, a paper corona passport can also be used.

Arrival at the hall

The entrances of Hartwall Arena will open an hour and a half before the start of the first match. By arriving on time, you will avoid congestion and queuing time. There are a variety of expo points in the hallways that can be explored before the games begin.

Prohibited objects

It is forbidden to bring the following items into the hall:

  • own lunch
  • alcohol / drugs
  • Lime / water bottles, thermos bottles, sports bottles (Max. 0.5L bottles empty is ok)
  • Professional Cameras, Voice Recorders, Video Recorders, Camera Tripods, Selfie Sticks.
  • Non-fireproof fan sheets, rods over 1.5 m, rods, telescopic rods, etc.
  • Sound-amplifying objects. (Trumpet, Whistle, Vuvuzuelat, Megaphone)
  • Other objects suitable for harming another person

Use the mask

There is a mask recommendation for the final weekend event. In addition to these measures, spectators are encouraged to take care of good hand hygiene.

Ticket sales

Tickets for the Final Weekend are available from Ticketmaster: and from the hall ticket sales on the event days.


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