In the bronze game of the Men’s World Championships 2020, Czechia faced Switzerland in Helsinki Hartwall Arena. Both teams started carefully and clearly avoided making mistakes. The audience created a great atmosphere in the hall already in the beginning of the game. In the first period, after twelve minutes, #31 Josef Rýpar made the first goal of the bronze game. Switzerland didn’t let Czechia enjoy their lead for long as #26 Christoph Camenish made the tying goal 1-1. Switzerland had a chance for power play after Czechia’s penalty caused blocking of stick. Both goal keepers made six saves during the first period so the game was extremely tough.

Entertaining game continued in the second period. Team Switzerland couldn’t take the advantage of Czechia’s penalty. Both teams were hungry for the medal. After tough and equal play, Czechia made an unlucky goal to their own nest, which lead Switzerland into leading position 2-1.

In the third period, #71 Jan Bürki made Switzerland’s third goal after one minute’s play. Czechia got their chance to tie the game 3-2 with #13 Matěj Havlas’s goal. Just before ending the third period, Czechia’s Marek Beneš scored 3-3 position for his team.

The result came in over time with #29 Filip Langer’s goal. After the fierce game of the championships third place, Czechia wins the bronze medal with the result 4-3. They also made their way to The World Games in Birmingham in 2022.

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