Slovakia faced Estonia in competing from 7th place in the tournament. Match was tough when teams narrowed the situation time after time.

In the first period Slovakia took the lead and the game was 3-1. Estonia got a chance to narrow when #71 Kristian Kozak took 5 minutes penalty of roughing. Estonia made Slovakia work for its victory and went to lead in time 26:39.  Slovakia was effective and scored the situation to 7-4 but Estonia was able to catch up in the end of match which led to overtime. In time 61.59 #4 Michal Dudovic makes victory goal.

Slovakia – Estonia 8-7 (3-1, 3-3, 1-3, 1-0)


Latvia and Norway faced off for the 5th place, and the first period promised a tight, but fast-paced game with a lot of counter attacks. After a goalless first period, Latvia geared up a bit and scored 3 goals in the second period, giving the team an almost comfortable lead for the 3rd period.

Norway came fighting to the third period and narrowed down Latvia’s lead to just one goal with quick back-to-back goals in the middle of the period. Unfortunately for Norway, an ill-timed penalty by 7# Marcus Hamrin ended up causing them the momentum with #22Peteris Trekse scoring during the power, giving Latvia 4-2 lead, that held till the end whistle.

Latvia-Norway 4-2 (0-0, 3-0, 1-2)


In the bronze game of WFC Czechia faced Switzerland.

The beginning of the match started carefully, both teams wanted to play wisely and avoid making mistakes.Czechia started to score at time 12:05. #31 Josef  Rypar scored, passed by #11 Marek Beneš. Switzerland didn’t get depressed but made a goal at 16:18 (#26 Camenisch). #29 Filip Langer had a great chance to take Czechia with a penalty shot but goalie #30 Pascal Meier was better at this time.

Second period offered only one goal and it was unfortunately an own goal to the net of Czechia. After the second period, the bronze game was 1-2 to Switzerland.

The third period got older only 1 minute and 15 seconds when Switzerland scored again. It was a beautiful shot by #71 Jan Burki. Czechia didn’t give up but knocked back twice: #13 Havlas to 2-3 and #11 Marek Beneš to 3-3 at time 58:28. It meant that overtime was needed.

The solution was got at time 64:38. The hero of team Czechia was #29  Filip Langer. #11 Marek Beneš  gave an outstanding pass to the winner goal. The bronze party of team Czechia was ready to start.

“This was more than I praised”, commented extremely happy #11 Marek Beneš right after the game. He scored 3-3 position and assisted the winning goal for Czechia.

Czechia-Switzerland 4-3 (1-1, 0-1, 2-1, 1-0)



The final  between Finland and Sweden was an intensive and high-quality floorball match. Finland took a lead in the first period with two goals made by #73 Justus Kainulainen and #9 Eemeli Salin. The high stake of the game was easy to notice and tempers flared occasionally. Referees Sandra Zurbuchen and Corina Wehinger from Switzerland had a full job to calm down passionate players in the field at times.

Sweden controlled the second period. They began hard and at time 24:59 #17 Rasmus Enström narrowed the cap to 2-1. Only 3 minutes later the game was 2-2, scored by #7 Kim Nilsson. Sweden made even one goal (#26 Linus Nordgren)  more in the second period and at the end of the period was Finland’s lead turned into numbers 2- 3 for Sweden.

The situation was extremely exciting when the third period started. Albin Sjögren scored to 2-4 at time 50:12 and Swedish fans celebrated hilariously. Finnish fans had even more hilarious moments at time 50:50 when #73 Justus Kainulainen made his second one and the game got a new level again. And it didn’t took a long, when Hartwall Arena had a cause for ful joy: 52:56 #73 Justus Kainulainen finished his hat trick and the game was 4-4.

Nevertheless, an extra 10- minutes period wasn’t needed. #14 Tobias Gustafsson shot the ball to the net at time 58:28. Finland took a timeout and six players to the field. It was quite easy to #23 Hampus Ahren to finish to the empty net at the time 59:48. Finland didn’t recover it and Sweden won gold medals in Helsinki 2020.

Finland – Sweden 4-6

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