Finland couldn’t win the third Men’s Floorball Championships in a row. Sweden took the gold medals in Helsinki with goals 6-4.

The final game was extremely intense and Finland lead the first period by making two goals. #73 Justus Kainulainen scored the opening goal in the back corner and #9 Eemeli Salin continued with the second goal in the halfway of the period. Finland got a few more places to try to score than Sweden. Both teams got penalties because of obstruction in the third minute of the game.

Sweden ruled clearly the second period by making three goals. #17 Rasmus Enström scored the first one for Sweden #7 Kim Nilsson tied the game 2-2. Finland also got some good places, but #30 Jonathan Edling covered the both shots from #36 Ville Lastikka and #61 Peter Kotilainen. Fans fiercely cheered their favorites and the atmosphere was on the roof in the arena. #26 Linus Nordgren finished the period with Sweden’s third goal.

In the third period Sweden’s #10 Albin Sjögren carried the ball from the left to the center and snatched a handsome shot to the top right corner. Almost right after the Sweden’s goal #73 Justus Kainulainen made two goals more to get the game 4-4. The opponent didn’t let Finland enjoy the situation more than six minutes. #14 Tobias Gustafsson won the fight against Peter Kotilainen and rose from the right to the middle and scored 5-4. #23 Hampus Ahren shot one more time for Sweden and made the final goal to the empty nest.

The best players of the game were Kim Nilsson from the Swedish team and Justus Kainulainen from the Finnish team.

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Text: Minna Koivisto

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