The WFC is played with 16 teams which will be divided into 4 groups based on rankings and a ballot draw. Teams play a group stage, a play-off stage that gives crossover games between groups, then quarter-finals, semi-finals, final and placement matches for all positions.

Finland, as the host country, receive direct qualification. The IFF Central Board also decided that due to The World Games being held in Birmingham, USA in 2021, it was important that North America was fully represented in the final round, so both Americas teams – USA & Canada also received direct qualification. All other teams will compete in regional qualification events to be held in January / February 2020, with Côte d’Ivoire being included to one of the European qualifications. Four teams will qualify from AOFC and nine teams from Europe.

Europe Asia Oceania
Finland (1)^ Australia (13)
Sweden (2) Thailand (14)
Switzerland (3) Singapore (16)
Czech Republic (4) Japan (17)
Germany (5) Korea (21)
Norway (6) Malaysia (25)
Denmark (7) New Zealand (26)
Latvia (8) Philippines (35)
Slovakia (9)
Estonia (10)
Poland (12)
Russia (18) Americas
Spain (19) Canada (11)
Slovenia (20) USA (15)
Belgium (22)
Netherlands (23)
Austria (24)
Hungary (27) Africa
Great Britain (28) Côte d’Ivoire (40)
Iceland (29)
Italy (30)
France (32)
Liechtenstein (33)
Ukraine (44)