The 13th Men’s WFC will be played in Helsinki, Finland from 4th – 12th December, 2020. In total, 35 teams registered for the event, among them was the first ever registration from Africa – Côte d’Ivoire – who will compete in the European qualifications.

In Europe there are three qualification groups – EUR1 in Frederikshavn, Denmark; EUR2 in Poprad, Slovakia; and EUR3 in Liepaja, Latvia – while in Asia Oceania the qualification will be played in Bangkok, Thailand.

Finland, as the host country, receives direct qualification to the final round, and the IFF Central Board decided that due to The World Games being held in Birmingham, USA in 2021, it was important that North America was fully represented in the final round, so both Americas teams – USA & Canada also received direct qualification. The further 13 places will be filled with four teams from AOFC and nine  from Europe, decided by the qualification tournaments.



For the first time, a new playing system will be introduced in the qualifications.

In Europe, there will be four days of play (reduced from five) and 3 teams will qualify from each qualification event. In each event, there are 2 groups of four teams, and the teams will play once against the others in their group. On the final day will be a play-off round of cross-over matches between the two groups, as follows:

Final – 1st v 1st  (both teams qualify)
3rd place – 2nd v 2nd (winner qualifies)
5th place – 3rd v 3rd
7th place – 4th v 4th

For the AOFC event, there are six days of play and 4 teams will qualify. There are 2 groups of four teams, and the teams will play once against the others in their group. The winners of each group will qualify directly, while the second and third placed teams will play-off for the other qualification places. A final round of matches will determine final placings, as follows:

Final – 1st v 1st
3rd – Winners of the 2nd v 3rd play-off games
5th place – Losers of the 2nd v 3rd play-off games
7th place – 4th v 4th


Follow the group name links below to see more information about each qualification event.



Frederikshavn, Denmark / 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2020
Group A Group B
Sweden (2) Denmark (7)
Poland (12) Estonia (10)
Slovenia (20) Great Britain (28)
Ukraine (44) Iceland (29)



Poprad, Slovakia / 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2020
Group C Group D
Switzerland (3) Norway (6)
Russia (18) Slovakia (9)
Belgium (22) Hungary (27)
Cote d’Ivoire (40) Italy (30)



Liepaja, Latvia / 29 Jan – 1 Feb 2020
Group E Group F
Czech Republic (4) Germany (5)
Spain (19) Latvia (8)
Netherlands (23) Austria (24)
Liechtenstein (33) France (32)



Bangkok, Thailand / 2 – 7 Mar 2020
Group G Group H
Australia (13) Thailand (14)
Japan (17) Singapore (16)
Korea (21) Malaysia (25)
Philippines (32) New Zealand (26)



*Number in brackets indicates current world ranking based on results from the last two WFCs or other IFF events if not past WFC participation



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